All the supplies needed for a birthday celebration in one convenient little box.

Packing Party Banner Sewing

The Assembly

All of our boxes are assembled by volunteers. Banners are cut and 

hand-sewn, and materials are put together according to carefully chosen themes.

Rockstar Box

The Boxes

Birthday supplies are assembled in a white 12 x 11¼ x 3 inch box. Boxes are marked with a theme sticker on the outside, so that when stacked on a shelf it is easy to choose an appropriate theme for the age of the birthday child.

Delivering boxes to Saskatoon

The Delivery

Boxes are delivered to a Child Life Specialist at the hospital. For boxes travelling outside of Winnipeg, shipments are sent via Canada Post.

Cupcake Box


  • a hand-sewn birthday banner;
  • birthday sign;
  • paper pinwheels;
  • paper cups, napkins, paper straws, paper plates and cutlery;
  • blank card for hospital staff, family and friends to sign;
  • silicone birthday bracelet or First Birthday bib;
  • battery operated tea light;
  • small birthday tablecloth;
  • age-appropriate activity or comfort item such as a colouring book and crayons, a travel-sized game, or cozy socks.

See all of our Birthday Box themes here.

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We know many of you like birthdays as much as we do, and would love to help!